Welcome to Awakening Through the Pain-Body

We’re pleased to announce Awakening Through the Pain-Body, a first-of-its-kind online course with Kim Eng.

The program contains over eight hours of recorded teachings, including talks and Q&A sessions with Kim, a special teaching with Eckhart Tolle, and bonus video teachings and meditations.

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.”

—Eckhart Tolle

Dear friends:

This course is a unique journey with my teaching partner Kim Eng that helps you free yourself from one of the main obstacles to spiritual awakening—the pain-body.

Dissolving the Pain-Body with Presence
The Pain-Body is akin to an emotional entity in human beings. It stems from an accumulation of emotional pains suffered in the past that weren’t fully faced or were possibly repressed. The pain-body is often connected with pain suffered in the past because of the unconsciousness of the people around you—your parents, family members, spouse, partner, co-workers, etc.  

Emotional pain that isn’t transmuted or processed doesn’t just go away; it accumulates and lives in the pain-body. Identifying with the pain-body is the essence of unconsciousness. You’re not present when you are identified with the pain-body.

Shining the light of awareness on the pain-body breaks identification with it
As Presence arises and the pain-body dissolves, you’ll experience enormous benefits in many areas of your life. Your thinking ceases to be clouded by emotion and your present perceptions are no longer distorted by the past. The pain-body becomes a powerful ally in spiritual awakening instead of an entity that creates anguish and unhappiness. It no longer has power over you because you have transformed your pain into Presence.

So how do you initiate this transformation? How do you free yourself from the grip of the pain-body?
If you are ready, then you can learn to free yourself from identifying with the pain-body. The beginning of freedom first lies in the realization that you have a pain-body. Then, by bringing Presence to the pain-body continually and making that your practice, eventually the pain-body dissolves and you become free of it.

The teachings, practices, and meditations that Kim will share with you contribute to a lessening of the pain-body. They help you bring consciousness into the pain-body so that when it arises in everyday life, you can feel the energy of it and be there as an aware witness. You look at the pain-body fully for what it is and learn to stay present while it runs its course. That’s the art of awakening consciousness.

Enjoy these practices—the meditations and the adventure of spiritual awakening.

—Eckhart Tolle

“Real change comes when you live in harmony from within.”

—Kim Eng

Dissolving the Pain-Body
with Presence

This four-week journey enables you to return to wholeness and inner balance, resulting in an ease and flow with the present moment and alignment with your authentic self.

The pain-body is an accumulation of stress, negativity, fear, and old emotional wounds that affect our health and sense of well-being—physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically.

When our sense of well-being is compromised, we forget who we really are. We become contracted and out of alignment with our true nature—the soul. This contraction and misalignment creates further struggle with life, and further resistance to living in the present moment.

This journey with Kim Eng offers an orientation to the pain-body and the subtle ways that it influences our lives as well as practical tools for letting go of the fear and negativity that bind us.

In addition to the teachings, you will also receive a downloadable workbook and bonus teachings that include guided meditations and practices to support you on your journey.

Essential Topics in the Course:

Return to Wholeness

Discover how to flow with the present moment and align with your true nature.

The Pain-Body as an Ally

Get to know your pain-body—how it arises, what fuels it, and how it assists in awakening.

Finding Inner Freedom

Kim’s most effective practices for letting go of fear and negativity through the art of surrender.

Understanding the Ego Identity

Gaining clarity on the role of the ego and how to detach from a false self-image.

Accessing Inner Stillness

How to stay present even in the midst of activity and noise.

Discovering Balance

Find the balance between your “form” identity and your “essence” identity.

Awakening Through the Pain-Body Course Overview

1 Four powerful video teachings with Kim Eng – receive guidance and training from Kim Eng during four online video sessions. The sessions can be rewatched at anytime.

Lesson 1: The Pain-Body: The Hidden Secret Behind Self-Realization

Lesson 2: Resist Nothing: Finding Inner Freedom

Lesson 3: Detaching from the Self-Image: You Are Not Who You Think You Are

Lesson 4: Journey Into Stillness: Your True Home


2A downloadable workbook and journal with guided meditations and movement practices

One of the most important ways to accelerate your own evolution is to commit to daily practices. Some of the practices that will be explored include:

  • Resist Nothing—Learning to let go of negativity as well as every thought and emergence that has prevented the emergence of your true self.
  • Inner Body Awareness—Strengthen the feeling of connection to your inner body.
  • Identify Your Triggers—How to increase awareness around the typical situations when your pain-body becomes active.
  • Discover What Feeds Your Soul—How to rest in the liberating power of the present moment.
  • Movement Practices—Special movement practices to support your weekly progress.
  • Guided Meditations—Quieting mental activity and accessing inner stillness.


3Pre-recorded question-and-answer sessions with Kim Eng

This course will include question-and-answer sessions attached to each lesson. In these sessions Kim answers common questions that arise with these teachings.


4Guided meditations and Presence Through Movement

Kim Eng is the creator of Presence Through Movement, a unique, powerful, and practical approach to accessing the present moment through the body and through movement. Originally emphasizing body-based practices such as tai’ chi, qi gong, and yoga, Presence Through Movement has evolved into a multifaceted approach combining the teachings of Kim’s partner, Eckhart Tolle, with movement, meditation, contemplation, and self-inquiry. Presence Through Movement is integrated into the course sessions and you will learn how to use this approach in daily life.

Program Overview

Session 1:
The Pain-Body: The Hidden Secret Behind Self-Realization


The pain-body is an accumulation of old emotional wounds, affecting our health and sense of well-being physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. It can also affect our state of consciousness if we are not present enough. Kim says, “You can awaken through the pain-body. There is no way to escape it; the way out is the way through.” Session highlights include:

  • How to dissolve the pain-body with Presence
  • Understanding your pain-body: how it arises, what fuels it, and how the pain-body can assist in your awakening
  • Breaking identification with the pain-body
  • The alchemy of transforming suffering into consciousness

Session 2:
Resist Nothing: Finding Inner Freedom


The cornerstone to any spiritual practice is to surrender—to “resist nothing,” as Kim calls it.  When we surrender to the present moment and resist nothing, we live in alignment with life. The saying, “What we resist, persists,” contains a deep truth. The nature of the ego and pain-body is either to hold on, grasp, and accumulate—or to resist fully. Session highlights include:

  • How to process the emotional pain that has accumulated in the pain-body
  • The art of surrendering
  • How to let go of fear and negativity as well as every thought and emotion that has prevented the emergence of your true self
  • The practices that allow you to “resist nothing”

Session 3:
Detaching from the Self-Image: You Are Not Who You Think You Are


Your self-image is a mask, a role. When we identify with the role, the ego arises. Kim provides effective practices for dealing with egoic patterns. Session highlights include:

  • The ego identity
  • Your deeper essence or soul identity
  • Discover what feeds your soul
  • The liberating power of the present moment

Session 4:
Journey into Stillness: Your True Home


As each thumbprint is unique, there is only one authentic you. Find the balance between your form identity and essence identity. Session highlights include:

  • How we can access inner stillness even in the midst of activity and noise
  • Staying anchored in stillness throughout the day
  • Developing a daily practice
  • Being the aware witness

Special Program Bonuses

Here’s what you’ll receive:

1Four Powerful Video Teaching Sessions with Kim Eng 

2Pre-recorded question-and-answer sessions with Kim Eng

3A course workbook with special practices and meditations

4Guided meditations and movement practices



you will receive the following special bonuses


Bonus #1Two audio meditations to support your practice

Bonus #2Two audio teachings to support your work with the pain-body

Bonus #3A new teaching with Eckhart Tolle on the pain-body

Bonus #4Four videos with special guided movement practices

Your Teacher & Guide

Kim Eng is a spiritual teacher and the creator of Presence Through Movement. She leads retreats and workshops internationally in partnership with Eckhart Tolle, and teaches immersive online courses. Her approach incorporates Eckhart’s wisdom into an embodied practice, enabling a deepening of Presence, the awakening of consciousness in our physical form.

She is also the creator of the instructional Presence Through Movement videos Qi Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga, and guided audio programs Meditations for A New Earth and Resist Nothing, featuring practices for addressing inner challenges to living a life of presence.

“Kim brings a down-to-earth approach to spirituality which I find very refreshing. In her counseling work with individuals as well as groups, she beautifully sustains the state of Presence and has a great ability for bringing people back into the present moment, the place where all healing occurs and no problem can survive.”—Eckhart Tolle

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